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Minor bug in install-pkgs.sh, and a new automated install script


Kevin and team,

There is one minor but important bug in pkgs/install-pkgs.sh which I
noticed.  If the file tufte-book.cls is not present, it tries to install
a package named textlive-latex-pictures, which does not exist and so the
whole apt-get install command fails.  This is not tested for in the
script, so the script then outputs text saying it succeeded... this is

The fix for the "wrong package name" is just to edit line 506 of the
script so it says texlive-pictures rather than texlive-latex-pictures.

Fixing the lack of error checking/handling is a different matter, I've
not tackled that (yet?).

I've also created ubuntu-manual-dev.sh which is an attempt to start from
a freshly installed Ubuntu or Lubuntu machine and set things up for
authoring or editing of Ubuntu Manual, assuming texlive packages are new
enough -- i.e. assuming Raring or later release of Ubuntu (which the
script checks for).

It is currently available at


but I'll happily contribute it to the project.

This means you can install simply Lubuntu and then do

  wget -c http://crosswire.org/~jmarsden/ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual-dev.sh
  chmod +x ubuntu-manual-dev.sh

provide a sudo password, your Full Name and your Email Address, and in
under 30 minutes (well, it depends on your Internet connection
bandwidth!) you will have the ability to do

  cd ~/projects/ubuntu-manual-saucy

and have it build you a PDF of the manual.

This should make it a lot easier for folks to get started than the
current set of instructions... at least that is my hope.

More later, regarding the way neither this script nor the current
instructions on www.ubuntu-manual.org set bzr launchpad-login and the
implications of that...


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