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Re: Upstream vs packaged texlive


On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Tony Pursell
<ajp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I suppose that the advantage of the packaged version is that it gets updated
> (if there is an updated version) at least every time you update to a new
> Ubuntu version and possibly in between Ubuntu versions.  I installed texlive
> for the precise manual, using the instructions on the website, and I have no
> idea how to update it, if it does needs updating.

Actually in the past, this hasn't been true. The Ubuntu packages
weren't updated very frequently (and were often a year or more out of

The Ubuntu/Debian packages were recently reorganized, however, so
perhaps they'll be kept up to date more frequently in the future.

If you've installed TeX Live from upstream, you can update at any time
by running 'sudo tlmgr update --all --self'.  The upstream packages
are updated quite frequently (i.e., daily) as newer packages are

(It may not work at the moment as they've stopped 2012 updates while
they finalize the 2013 for release.)


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