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Separate Lubuntu manual bzr repository?


I looked at creating a new bzr repository on Launchpad for the Lubuntu
Manual variant which we hope to start creating very soon.

I ran into a slight problem: we would need to create a new separate
project in order to do that, as far as I can see.


  19:41 <hannie> godbyk, phillw, Yorvyk may I suggest we work out a
  plan of close cooperation and publish lubuntu under the umbrella of
  the ubuntu Manual Project?

it seems the idea was to keep the Lubuntu work "under" the existing
Ubuntu Manual Project.  Which makes sense socially and as a community,
but maybe not technically, *if* we want separate bzr repos.

So I stopped... for now.  As I see it we can:

 (A) Create a subfolder within the existing ubuntu-manual bzr
    repository for Lubuntu;

 (B) Create a separate Lubuntu Manual project so we get a
     separate bzr repository for it;

 (C) Figure out how one team/project can have two bzr
     repositories at Launchpad (I do not know how to do this).

Thoughts on how best to proceed are welcomed.


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