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Lubuntu Manual PDF can now be built


It works :)

I've populated the bzr branch and edited the titlepage files,
lubuntu-manual.tex, and the Makefile.  Now you can:

 (1) Install Lubuntu 13.04, log in, open LXTerminal.
 (2) wget
 (3) chmod +x lubuntu-manual-dev.sh
 (4) ./lubuntu-manual-dev.sh

If it all works as it should, you then can do

 (5) cd ~/projects/lubuntu-manual-saucy
 (6) make

And then view the results of your efforts by doing

 (7) evince lubuntu-manual.pdf &

NOTE#1: The manual calls itself an Lubuntu Manual, but the content is
still all the Ubuntu content.  So, Lubuntu authors and editors... let's
create the content of this manual!

NOTE#2: I am *not* a graphics expert.  I changed the titlepage stuff so
it is very clear when you look at the PDF that what you are reading is
the Lubuntu version.  Someone with decent inkscape skills should talk to
our Lubuntu artwork folks, add the Lubuntu logo, fix my color choices,
etc.  What we have now is just a placeholder.


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