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Re: Lubuntu Manual Meeting? or some thing


On 13/06/13 16:20, Yorvyk wrote:
On 13/06/13 11:39, Patrick Dickey wrote:
Might I suggest making a copy of the spreadsheet and renaming it to
reflect that it's for the Lubuntu Manual, and keeping it in the same
Google Docs folder/account as the current one?

I'm suggesting this because while the content will change, the chapters
will pretty much remain the same. And in some cases, aside from changing
Ubuntu to Lubuntu, the content may be close (or the same).

Agreed, but I suggest we create another sheet and name it "Saucy L", or
something, so that things remain in one place and don't get spread about.

OK, there is now a second sheet at [1] called Saucy L for the Lubuntu Manual. Most of the Chapter names can be left intact. I've modified a couple to reflect Lubuntu.

Any suggestions for replacements for the following?

* The Dash/Search Bar/browsing files
* The Launcher

[1] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApS28NMLnYJXdEdGQjRtUWtaOUZxREVzUldSOU5kc2c#gid=0


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