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Upcoming Ubuntu author's meeting


I've created a poll for scheduling our upcoming Ubuntu author's meeting. If
you intend to participate, please go to http://doodle.com/tmuppxdaq9ey6g59 and
vote for the day and time that works best for you. Voting will close on
Wednesday, June 19th at 7:00pm Pacific Time (GMT-7:00). Be sure to select
your timezone at the top of the poll so that the times I've offered
translate to your local time.

This meeting will take place in the #ubuntu-meeting channel on IRC.

The proposed agenda is pretty straight-forward for this first meeting for
o (5 min) Verify/confirm section assignments
o (10 mins) Review recruitment efforts/ideas
o (10-15 mins) Verify everyone is up and running with the 13.10 branch/TeX
installation, etc.
o (30-35 mins) Discuss current authoring questions, issues, and/or concerns.

Even though this particular meeting will be catering to authors, everyone
is invited to attend and participate!

Hope to see you there!