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Re: Improvements to install-pkgs.sh script


Hi, Jonathan.

On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 10:13 PM, Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I just pushed an improved install-pkgs.sh script to the Lubuntu branch.
> Changes include:
>    * Use set -e to exit when an error occurs.

Does this interfere with the "try_this_command || handle_the_error"
parts of the script?

>    * Add notice that installing packages may take a long time.

Good idea.

>    * Sort and remove duplicates from package list.

That's fine, though it's unnecessary as apt-get will take care of that for us.

>    * Display package list before downloading and installing packages.

Good idea. I haven't looked at your script code yet, but you could
just allow the output from apt-get to be displayed on the screen so
the user can see the download/install progress, too.

>    * Allow use of Ubuntu texlive packages in 13.04 as well as 12.10

Cool. Hopefully the updated Ubuntu packages will continue to work for
us in the future. I admit that I'm a bit jaded at this point and have
almost given up on them as we seem to always hit some problem or

> These changes are based on real world experience helping Lubuntu folks
> use the script (via my lubuntu-manual-dev.sh script).  The intent was to
> make it clearer that something has gone wrong (e.g. do not display
>   Done!  You should now be able to compile the Ubuntu manual!
> when that is not the case), and to provide more information about what
> is happening during the downloading and installation of the (sometimes
> large) package set, so that users do not think their machine has "frozen".

I agree with both those points.

> I'm very happy for this to go into the Ubuntu Manual branch too, none of
> the changes are Lubuntu-specific in any way.  I just thought I'd let
> Kevin review my changes and make the choice for himself, since this is
> his script :)

I'll take a look at your modifications and pull them across.

Thanks for your work on this script!


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