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Improvements to install-pkgs.sh script


I just pushed an improved install-pkgs.sh script to the Lubuntu branch.

Changes include:

   * Use set -e to exit when an error occurs.
   * Add notice that installing packages may take a long time.
   * Sort and remove duplicates from package list.
   * Display package list before downloading and installing packages.
   * Allow use of Ubuntu texlive packages in 13.04 as well as 12.10

These changes are based on real world experience helping Lubuntu folks
use the script (via my lubuntu-manual-dev.sh script).  The intent was to
make it clearer that something has gone wrong (e.g. do not display

  Done!  You should now be able to compile the Ubuntu manual!

when that is not the case), and to provide more information about what
is happening during the downloading and installation of the (sometimes
large) package set, so that users do not think their machine has "frozen".

I'm very happy for this to go into the Ubuntu Manual branch too, none of
the changes are Lubuntu-specific in any way.  I just thought I'd let
Kevin review my changes and make the choice for himself, since this is
his script :)


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