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Re: Lubuntu Manual PDF can now be built


Hello All,

Enrico: I had the same problem with my installation of texlive2012 on my ubuntu 12.04 machines. Kevin gave me a better way to change the symlinks: run the texlive manager with the command 'gksudo tlmgr gui' and in the 'Actions' menu, you will find the option for managing the symlinks.

  Hope this helps.  Greetings,

        - Sylvie

Hello Patrick,

I would just let you know this:

When I installed texlive last autumn, I had the same problem as you told
(no texlive found after launching the installation script):

I had absolutely never installed texlive of any version on my PC, and
followed the directives from:

But when I tried to generate the Ubuntu Manual, I had an error saying
that I had no texlive installed at all.

In my opinion the problem was that the script never gave me the
opportunity of selecting the “create symlinks in standard
directories” (L)." option, as it is described in the install-texlive

To solve this problem I had to find where this texlive had been
installed on my pc, and then I could add the following lines in
my .bashrc file:

export PATH

This work-around allowed me to generate the manual, so I did not make
any further research.

Hope this helps