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Re: Gummi


On 16/06/13 05:54, Kevin Godby wrote:
As others have already mentioned, I don't think anyone has looked at
Gummi too closely yet. The main issue with Gummi is that it doesn't
have buttons for, say, our GUI macros (e.g., \textbox, \button,
\checkbox).  In addition, the Ubuntu Manual markup changes slightly
from cycle to cycle: new macros are added, others are deprecated, and
so forth.

As for having authors submit their work in plain text, LibreOffice, or
other non-TeX formats: I think it's more trouble than it's worth.
Even if someone volunteers to add the TeX markup, if they just paste
in the newly marked up text into the .tex file, the diff generated by
bzr will be nearly unreadable. That is, it will be quite difficult to
tell what was actually changed from one version to the next.

So I think it's simplest to just modify the .tex files directly using
your favorite text editor (or LaTeX IDE if you're so inclined).

Thanks all for your replies. I was just interested why gummi had been suggested and gone no further. So I thought I'd ask.