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Installation of TexLive on Saucy alpha 1


Has anyone attempted to install TexLive on 13.10 Alpha1? I've done several
installs of the OS/bzr/TexLive with no issues at all in the past. I've even
been discriminating in what languages I've installed (trying to reduce the
install time and wasted disk space) with success every time.

Today, I downloaded Alpha1 and went through the same installation routine
I've done several times per the instructions on 'get involved' page, and
when I try to do a 'make' of the manual, it says that Libertine is an
invalid font name.

Thinking I maybe accidentally configured fonts out of the TexLive install
the first time, I went back through the installation process and installed
EVERYTHING. Still, no Libertine font, which prevents the make file from
creating the manual.

Anyone else have this problem? Ideas? Should I do my installation on 13.04
and simply use my 13.10 in a virtual machine during authoring/editing?

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