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Ubuntu Saucy Authors Update


Hey there everyone! I just wanted to send out a quick message to the
authors of Ubuntu 13.10 to check to see how everyone was doing. It looks
like our next major manual milestone is coming up mid-September just before
the final feature freeze. We still have more than a month to go, but we
should continue to press forward to get all the sections authored.

By now, all Ubuntu authors should have a local installation of the current
release of 13.10, a connection to bazaar, and access to the LaTeX version
of the manual through an editor of your choice. If you've not done this
yet, please, do so this weekend!!! If you have any issues, please post them
to this email list, and we will help out.

If you've already written your section, then please be sure to contact the
editor of your section to tell them you're done.  Refer to
a list of sections, authors, editors, and associated email addresses.

Additionally, if you are done with your section, please consider taking
another section. We still have some holes in authoring (and editing)--most
notably in the "Desktop" chapter. The desktop in 13.10 has received a
fairly major update, so this chapter will probably require more than a
cursory edit.

I'm going to set up a doodle soon for an Ubuntu Authors/Editors meeting
mid-August just to bring us together to make sure everyone is progressing

If you need any written assistance on setup, authoring, editing, etc.,
please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/notes. Here, you will
find all the how-tos that have been created as well as historical
information collected over the last few years.

Have a great weekend, and happy authoring/editing!


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