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New translations have been published


Hello, everyone.

The French and Slovenian translations of Getting Started with Ubuntu
13.04 have now been published. You can download PDFs and purchase
printed copies via <http://ubuntu-manual.org/>.  The books should
appear in the Amazon.com listings within the next few days.

The German translation has been submitted for review and I expect it
would be published in the next day or two. (I'm just waiting for
CreateSpace to approve everything.)  I'll send out another email once
it's available.

A huge thank you to our translators for their hard work—and for their
patience with me!

If the translations editors would like to write a quick blurb about
the availability of the new manual in their respective languages, I'd
be happy to publish those notices on our Facebook page.  Also, feel
free to alert anyone else who might be interested in these

—Kevin Godby

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