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Author's updates


Good day, Ubuntu Authors!

Just a couple of quick remembers...

- we're less than 20 days from the next milestone where all authoring for
13.10 will be complete. In the next couple of weeks, please be sure to
review and modify your assigned sections. When you've completed your
section, please contact your editor so the editing process can begin.

- as you go through your sections in the next few weeks, please remember to
address the marginnote tags. Per our last meeting, we want to eliminate as
many of the marginnotes as is possible. If you have any questions about
this new requirement, or are unsure if a specific marginnote should remain
or not, feel free to email the list and we'll be happy to provide guidance.

- we still have a few open sections where we have no authors assigned. I
put my name on three more open sections today, but I really need a few
others to step up and take the remaining sections. Do you have a spare
moment to go through any of the open sections?

Have a great week!