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One week and counting!


Hey authors! This is your one week countdown message! We're targeting
Thursday, September 19th, as the due date for authors to be done with
editing the current manual to bring it up-to-date for 13.10. If you've not
done so already, please take care of your section as soon as possible!

Looks like authors have been working ahead of schedule and have been
getting notifications to their editors before next week's deadline.
This...is...awesome! Keep up the good work.

Looks like we still have four open slots that need authors. If you have a
spare hour, would you consider one (or ALL!) of the four sections below?:
For Chapter 2:
 * Workspaces, managing windows * Files file manager
For Chapter 3:
 * All the applications you need * Getting Online
If there are any questions, post to the ubuntu-manual list!