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A reminder about margin notes, and a question about HUD



Hope everything is going well this weekend! As we enter into our final week
of authoring, I've got one reminder and one question:

*The Reminder*
As I've been doing edits to my sections, I've happened onto other sections
of the manual and I still am observing a high number of margin notes.
Again, we're doing our best to drastically pare down these occurrences, if
at all possible. It may be that a margin note is necessary, but I think if
we really look closely, we'll find a way to incorporate it into the main
body of the text. In my work this iteration, I've found only two
occurrences where I absolutely thought a margin note was necessary. I've
probably removed 10+ margin notes...most were incorporated into the body of
the text, a few were deleted. So please take care as you author (and edit)
to look at these margin notes in detail.

*The Question*
Does anyone know of HUD works on 13.10? I've tried left <alt> and that
doesn't work. I googled a bit on HUD for 13.10 and I can't seem to find how
to activate it. Has anyone else got HUD to work...on the desktop or within



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