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Re: A reminder about margin notes, and a question about HUD


This is what I had to do also. I didn't pay attention, but I think
before, it showed "Alt L" and after I reset it, it said "Alt+L". Maybe
this should also go into the troubleshooting section (a general
troubleshooting on keyboard shortcuts with the HUD as an example).

Have a great day.:)

On Tue, 2013-09-17 at 00:27 +0200, Enrico Rosina wrote: 
> Hello everybody,
> About the HUD:
> What is left alt for you? In my environment the shortcut is alt-L (so
> the combination of 2 keys).
> You can see this shortcut definition in the System Settings => Keyboard
> => Shortcuts tab => Launchers => Last option. If it does not work you
> can click on the last option and the shortcut will be replaced by "New
> shortcut". Then if you click on Alt L it should be reset properly.
> Am I wrong? did I miss something?
> Best regards
> Enrico