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editors phase started


Hello editors,

Editing phase (19 Sept -- 3 Oct):


    Editors copy-edit and proofread the content


    Second draft is released at the end of this phase

Although not all chapters have been finished yet, you can start or
continue doing editorial work on your chapter(s)/section(s). Please
contact the author of the chapter if you want to discuss anything. Also,
you or the author may start taking screenshots if you have Saucy installed.
Not all chapters have editors at this moment (see [1]), so if there are
people out there who can spare an hour or so on doing some
proofreading/editing, please let us know or add your name to the
We still need editors for the following chapters/sections:
02 - The Ubuntu Desktop: Intro + Unity, Appearance, Accessibility,
Session options, Getting help.
03 - Working with Ubuntu: Listening to audio and music, Burning CDs and
DVDs, Working with documents.
04 - Hardware and Preferences.

I would also like to ask authors/editors to update our shared
spreadsheet [1].

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through
this mailing list.
Happy editing!