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Re: Authoring of "getting online" done


Hi, Jim and team

I'm currently in the process of reviewing the "getting online" section and
noticed that at its very beginning (in the second paragraph) it is used a *
\gls* tag associated with the term router, meaning that if someone needs to
read an explanation of what a router is, when clicking the word is directly
pointed to it's definition in the glossary, but there's no \gls tag
associated with the term switch. Is there any specific explanation for this
or is this just something that was forgotten?

A definition of what a switch is should, IMHO, also be included in the
Glossary section and its respective tag included throughout the manual.
A possible definition could be something like:
*A switch is a computer networking device that that data from any device
connected to it and then transmits that data only to the device for which
it was meant.*
What do you think?

David Pires

On 16 September 2013 00:47, Jim Connett <jimandmarcy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey David and Carsten,
> The "getting online" section in the 13.10 Ubuntu manual is ready for
> review.
> Two notes:
> [[ isues ]]
> Two screenshots in the margins next to "Establishing a wired connection"
> (figures 3.2, and 3.3) that need to be moved to the body of the text.
> Carsten, please make a note of this.
> I could not fully test the wireless section as I've Ubuntu installed in a
> VM that connects through a wire. Please test the latter portions of this
> section where it describes how to connect to a hidden wireless network as
> well as how to change wireless settings.
> Thanks
> --Jim

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