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Re: differences Saucy / previous versions


op 20-09-13 02:37, Patrick Dickey schreef:
> They are "Restart" and "Shut Down" and unless they change the
> functionality, it's sort of pointless to have both. Just saying. ;-) As
> they both do the same thing, and they both use the exact same dialog
> box.
I do not entirely agree with you. When opening the session indicator
menu, one can choose between two menu items: Shut down... or Restart...
They both take you to the window with two choices, Shut Down or Restart.
The difference is that, in the session menu, one now can choose Restart
directly. To me it is not very logical to first choose Shut Down and
then Restart, so I do think this is an improvement.
Having said that, it is not really necessary to mention such a trivial
change in our Saucy version.
> On Thu, 2013-09-19 at 07:21 -0700, Jim Connett wrote: 
>> I like this idea. Create a new chapter (I'd call it Chapter 0, but
>> that's just the programmer in me)...call it "What's new in {version}".
>> This new chapter would increase the value of the UMP for those who are
>> familiar with the previous version and just want to see what's
>> changed.
>> I wonder if finding the differences between...say...13.04 and
>> 13.10...has already been published somewhere. Would we need to
>> maintain a separate list? 
>> Hannie, I noticed the RESTART difference as well. And...if memory
>> serve (I'm not in front of Ubuntu right now), I think the last two
>> picks on the session indicator dropdown produced the same results...I
>> want to say the picks were "Restart" and "Power Off", but I could be
>> wrong--but I think both picks resulted in a window appearing with the
>> options to either Power Off or Restart.
>> Anyway, yes, I'll +1 this idea. May not be the best thing to introduce
>> presently in 13.10 just because of where we are in the writing
>> process, but it certainly should be entertained for 14.04.
>> On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 12:56 AM, Hannie Dumoleyn
>> <lafeber-dumoleyn2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>         Would it be a good idea to make a list of differences between
>>         Saucy and
>>         previous versions spotted by one of us and sent to this
>>         mailing list?
>>         Kevin already mentioned a new friends lens and the change from
>>         the term
>>         lens to scope (not confirmed yet).
>>         I found the following difference: in the sessions indicator
>>         menu Restart
>>         is added (in previous versions you first had to select Shut
>>         down and
>>         then Restart).
>>         How can we best see to it that the differences are included in
>>         our
>>         manual? I am thinking of adding a column to our spreadsheet "
>>         Differences" where differences mentioned on this list can be
>>         added.
>>         What do you think?
>>         Hannie