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Re: Public proofreading phase


Hi All,

There's now 34 screenshots, and more than 50 are still missing. I had to redo some of them with the new Saucy desktop background. I'll have more time this evening and tomorrow to work on the screenshots. Could you please update the Crocodoc file?


        - Sylvie

To all,
The saucy version of our manual is now ready for public proofreading on
crocodoc [1].
Below [2] there is an overview of the next phases. We are a bit behind
on schedule, so I would like to ask all of you to begin proofreading now.
Sylvie has already uploaded a lot of new screenshots; after bzr pull,
just enter a fresh 'make' command to have a look at them.



Here is an overview of the next phases:
Indexing phase (1 Oct – 7 Oct):

Final screenshots are put in place
The manual is indexed
Glossary entries are edited and linked
Public draft is released at the end of this phase

Public comments phase (7 Oct – 14 oct):

Comments and edits from the public are received and incorporated into
the manual
Final draft is released at the end of this phase