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Re: 14,04


On 10/08/2013 07:16 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> Hi folks,
> at present we have separate teams all trying to achieve the same thing. None of the teams have enough people... Is
> it really too scary for us to all pool what meagre resources we have in what is called 'man hours' to instead run a
> manual system for 14.04 which is split between "desktop" and "server" ? Each can provide links to the other... To
> me, it just makes sense.
> Please discuss... Once the 'opposing teams' have made peace, we can hopefully get a decision made at the up coming
> vUDS. We are *_NOT_* 'opposing teams'; but we are simply diluting what resources (humans) that the respective teams
> have.
> Just my thoughts and I look forward to the stream of replies so that we can all decide where we are going to ask
> people to work for 14.04. Let's be totally honest, 13.10 was not as good as we would  have liked. e.g. screen shots
> still missing, asking translation teams to work on more than one area, etc. etc.

Agreed.  Now is the time to start planning for 14.04.

Is there an existing document of all the documentation (metadocumentation)? I suggest we need to clarify the following.

  o what documentation already exists, and what it is targeted at
  o what documentation should exists, and what it is targeted at
  o what resources are need to deliver the above for 14.04 LTS

This is ideal fodder for a page on wiki.ubuntu.com.  Once that's been flogged enough, it can be linked to a blueprint
for vUDS.  The vUDS is open for blueprint registration already.  A formal plan can be developed and implemented the
traditional Ubuntu way.

I'm excited about the documentation team stirring back to life in time to make the 14.04 LTS release great.  I'm
willing to do my part where I can.

Stephen M. Webb  <stephen@xxxxxxxxxx>