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Am 12.10.2013 14:06, schrieb Sylvie Gallet:
> Yes, it should be included to the manual.  Here is what I sent to
> the UM list 2 weeks ago:

Oh, now I remember your email... :-(

>> As I had problems while updating my Saucy VM a few days ago, I 
>> decided to re-install Saucy in a brand new VM, and noticed
>> there's now an extra step during installation that was not there
>> when I installed my VM a few monts ago: once you've completed the
>> "Who are you?" screen, you now get a new screen that lets you log
>> in to Ubuntu One (title: "One account to log in to everything on
>> Ubuntu").
>> I've added a screenshot (01-installation-U1-account.png) in rev
>> 105 and 106.  To finish my installation, I used "Log in later" so
>> there's no screenshot that shows the log in screen.
>> Could someone add a short paragraph about that in
>> installation.tex?
> As my English is not good enough, I am not going to write it myself
> ;-)

Ok, I have added two lines to the manual (rev 142) so that we do not
forget it. My English is also not perfekt so I hope a native speaker
will prooveread and extend it. :-)

Greetings, Carsten
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