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Re: Screenshots


op 13-10-13 18:04, Sylvie Gallet schreef:
>>> I have changed the Launcher screenshot to a marginscreenshot. Please
>>> have a look at Revision 144 to see if you like it better this way.
>>> Sylvie, Carsten, could you also have a look at it, please? If you do
>>> not
>>> like it, let me know and I will revert it.
>>    I like it, and I think 02-Launcher-triangles.png would also look
>> better as a marginscreenshot, but the caption and the marginnote about
>> application in the foreground are too long, I think the caption should
>> be shortened and maybe the marginnote could be moved to the main text?
>   Just pushed rev 145, let me know what you think of it.
Yes, it looks better. Small screenshots can be placed in the margin.
This one, Figure 2.4, could even be cropped (width, only show the
icons), but that can be done in the next version.
>         - Sylvie