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Re: Pricing and distribution question


I also would be in favor of raising the price and enable more
distribution channels. At least we can give it a try for the coming LTS
version. When MS stops supporting XP in April, we might see an increase
in Ubuntu users and, hopefully, ubuntu manual buyers.
I wonder if, after a period of time, there is a way to find out whether
more books are sold. The statistics [1] from jan until now look good.
But getting figures on books sold by local bookshops will be much harder
to get, I'm afraid.
I also have a question on the non-US prices [2]. If the prices in Europe
remain the same, would that mean that actually the translated manuals
will not be available in bookshops in Europe? Otherwise, it does not
make sense to me that the price would be the same.


* Amazon: 177
* Amazon Europe EUR: 199
* Amazon Europe GBP: 339
* CreateSpace: 54

Regular channels → Extra channels
$4.69 → $7.03
£3.90 → £3.90
€4.27 → €4.27

op 10-11-13 23:23, Kevin Godby schreef:
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 4:08 PM, Patrick Dickey <pdickeybeta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I agree with Chris below. Also, if we find that it doesn't increase the
>> sales (by having more than one distribution channel), I'd find out if
>> you can go back to just CreateSpace + Amazon for the lower cost. If so,
>> I'd give it from the next manual (the LTS) to the following LTS manual,
>> and decide whether to keep the multiple channels or not.
> We can turn on and off various distribution channels (and adjust the
> price) at any time.
> To clarify, are you and Chris in favor of raising the price and
> enabling more distribution channels?
> —Kevin