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Multiseat instructions are unclear



I'm trying to set up a multi-seat configuration on Ubuntu 16.04 and I'm having trouble understanding your instructions on the Instructions page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiseatTeam/Instructions <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiseatTeam/Instructions>). The provided examples are either incomplete or I'm missing something, because they do not fully make sense to me.

The description of Example #2 matches closely to my situation, because I have 2 seats and 2 Nvidia GPUs (one for each seat) and I plan to use the Nvidia proprietary driver. Let's say that I intend to name my seats 'seat0' and 'seat-1' as suggested. I'd like to have 'card0' assigned to seat0 and 'card1' to seat-1. Looking at the udev rules in the example, the following questions arise:

- Why is seat0 not mentioned at all? How are these udev rules supposed to specify which GPU and which USB ports are assigned to seat0?
- Do I understand it correctly, that instead of assigning peripherals such as keyboards and mice to seats, we assign only USB ports, and peripherals will be assigned automatically depending on which physical USB port they're inserted in? (In my previous configuration I had an xorg.conf where I specified all input devices manually and assigned them to the seats)
- Does the USB port rule have to be repeated for each USB port on the system, or is this one line magically supposed to assign all the correct usb ports to correct seats (Even to seat0?? see first question)
- How to find the actual DEVPATHs for the GPUs and USB ports?
- Why is audio support (ie. Pulseaudio) not mentioned at all? How is sound supposed to work in this kind of a setup?

TLDR: the examples need some clarification and are possibly incomplete

Mikko Kumara