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Re: social application support and user interface


In the context of simply controlling the TV, and inspiring project might be
Google Anymote: http://code.google.com/p/anymote-protocol/

The possibility of collaborate on a software with more users in realtime
and having the TV showing a different view of the process sounded
complicated but at the end it is what already happens with many
collaborative tools like Google Docs. So it will be a natural scenario when
our applications will be more collaborative.

Cheers, chr

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 1:32 AM, david jordan <dmj726@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> With Ubuntu now being targeted toward TVs as well as smartphones and
> tablets, one thing that strikes me is that traditionally TVs have
> traditionally struggled to accept inputs that don't fit into either preset
> functions on the remote/controller or the equivalent of arrow keys +
> Select.  (Think of all the interfaces on set top boxes that require the
> user to enter text via an onscreen keyboard that can only be navigated via
> arrow keys.)
> While it's probably good to have basic functions accessible via this
> standard remote  system, I think we can leverage Ubuntu on smartphones and
> tablets to provide a much richer input system.  By allowing smartphones and
> tablets to control the television, we could open up Ubuntu TVs for a wide
> range of collaborative activities.
> So you would have each of your group's tablets connect to the TV, start up
> the application you want to work with, and begin working together.  This
> could work differently depending on the use case.  Either everyone could be
> working/playing together on the big screen, or individuals could work with
> a network enabled application on their own tablet and then share their
> progress directly on the TV with the others as they each made their own
> adjustments.
> In the case of a video editing project, say Novacut, each user would be
> cutting a given scene, doing color correction, etc on their own Ubuntu
> tablet, with the TV as a shared screen for showing progress, getting
> feedback from the rest of the group, and keeping tabs on the state of the
> edit as a whole.
> I'm sure there are many other applications that could benefit from having
> a shared screen interfaced with many tiny ones, especially ones where
> people are trying to create and remix as a group as well as facilitating
> social games.
> David Jordan
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