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Re: Apps and Marketing.


I fully agree with this. Since Canonical is trying to compete with the other companies, they should take as much as possible to make their company successful. Also, I'd add that they should need to make more docs for developers, and provide a simple tool to create the packages (currently it's quite complicated).

On 12-01-08 12:37 PM, Sandy Martin wrote:
I have seen the software for making apps for linux (mostly Ubuntu) . But
on the marketing side Canonical needs to (And I stress this 100%) Needs
to show app developers that we are cheaper to go with. Apple has a 30%
cut on all sales made in the Appstore. Google has 19% - 30% cut
depending on depth of service. Microsoft is offering 30% until your app
makes 25,000$ gross then they will take a 20% cut. I think Canonical
should do something but force people to opensource their apps. If they
don't they should take a 15% cut thus still being cheaper then all the

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