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Hello all,

First off I'd like to say that Ubuntu Phone looks and runs great, I've been using it over the last couple of hours (approximately) and I'm now working on loading the apps I made onto the phone for testing. I'm very happy with this project so far.

Having said that I've noticed little issues here and there that I would like to ensure are reported as bugs. I'm aware that this kind of thing can be tracked in Launchpad, so my question is how do you go about reporting a bug and can anyone report a bug?

Secondly, I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not I can just SSH into the phone (as I've already done per the instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes ), and install updates using sudo apt-get update && apt-get get upgrade. This would be better than having to flash a new image each time there's an update.

That's all I've got, if anyone has answers to these questions please let me know, thanks!

Ryan Sipes

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