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Daily builds


Hey guys, just wanted to mentioned that daily builds are in place. ogra 
made it so our build servers are checked every hour and if updates are 
found, it will copy them over to cdimage[0].

What this means? Well you can go and break or check out new things as they 

If you get the latest phablet-tools (0.6-0phablet1) you can go and do the
following on an image that already has Ubuntu Touch on it:

phablet-flash -l

I wrote a couple of other things on my blog[1]

I think that's all there is to say :-)


[0] http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/
[1] http://sergiusens.github.com/posts/daily-builds-and-updates-to-phablet-tools.html

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