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[App] WhatsApp for Ubuntu Phone (alpha)



I wrote a WhatsApp client "WhosThere" for Ubuntu phone (and Ubuntu).

It's implemented in C++/QML/Javascript communicating with it's backend
yowsup (open-source WhatsApp library for N9) via dbus.

Current version is very alpha. What works:
- Registering a mobile number with the Whatsapp service
- Sending and Receiving Messages (no images, group chat or other fancy stuff).
- Delivery notifications
- Credentials and Messages are saved/loaded to LocalStorage.
- Demo mode that you can try without registering (but you cannot
actually send/receive anything)

Source is at [1] and [2]. You can also use the ppa at [3]. (includes
armhf builds). Screenshots are at [4].

Then: Start WhosThere from the shell:
  whosthere --desktop_file_hint /usr/share/applications/whosthere.desktop

You should also start yowsupd from the shell. It would be
automatically started by dbus activation, but from shell you can see
the debug messages, as error reporting is currently a bit scarce.

First generate a password for your mobile number (Lower part of main
screen). This involves two steps: 1. Requesting a code from WhatsApp,
which is sent via text to your mobile number. 2. Verifying that code
to obtain a password.
Attention: You cannot use the same mobile number from different
devices at the same time. Generating a new password invalidates the
old one.

You can then use this password together with your mobile number in the
upper part of WhosThere. Note that in the lower part, country code and
mobile number are separated, whereas in the upper part country code
plus mobile number is required. In all case, there are no leading

[Not working]
- In the current version, you can not add contacts by yourself, but
they will be automatically created once you receive a message from
them. Afterwards you can click on the contact to go to conversation
view and answer.
- Logout
- ...

[Project members needed]
I would be very happy if one can help me with:
- the design (obviously)
- the design (I cannot stress that enough)
- coding
- what you feel worthwhile
If interested, you can also reach me on irc in #ubuntu-touch, username matge.

Best wishes,

[1] https://github.com/mgehre/yowsup
[2] https://github.com/mgehre/whosthere
[3] ppa:m-gehre/ppa
[4] http://imageshack.us/g/1/10040649/

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