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Re: [App] WhatsApp for Ubuntu Phone (alpha)


Hi Mathias great job.

On 03/02/2013 11:26 AM, Matthias Gehre wrote:
> Hi,
> I wrote a WhatsApp client "WhosThere" for Ubuntu phone (and Ubuntu).
> [Intro]
> It's implemented in C++/QML/Javascript communicating with it's backend
> yowsup (open-source WhatsApp library for N9) via dbus.
> Current version is very alpha. What works:
> - Registering a mobile number with the Whatsapp service
> - Sending and Receiving Messages (no images, group chat or other fancy stuff).
> - Delivery notifications
> - Credentials and Messages are saved/loaded to LocalStorage.
> - Demo mode that you can try without registering (but you cannot
> actually send/receive anything)
I was thinking about that but my idea was write a telepathy plugin for
WatsApp, this way you will be able to use it with any application which
already uses telepathy as back-end, for example telephony app in the
device, empathy on the desktop, and notification system.

>  ...
> [Project members needed]
> I would be very happy if one can help me with:
> - the design (obviously)
> - the design (I cannot stress that enough)
> - coding
> - what you feel worthwhile
> If interested, you can also reach me on irc in #ubuntu-touch, username matge.
If you have interest to integrate it with telepathy we can avoid the
design since you will use the existent applications. :D
And you choose this way I can help you on that.

> Best wishes,
> Matthias
Congratulations, good job this is a very useful application.

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