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Re: How to enable Mouse Cursor?


Let's imagine this simple from real life example:

you have Asus Transformer with keyboard-dock
while on the go, you are using it as tablet = you need only touch support
and no mouse cursor
in your office and/or at home you will start using TF with keyboard = this
is not much comfortable to use trackpad without mouse cursor or switching
hands from keyboard to screen

On 15 Mar 2013 22:49, "John Nelson" <thatguruguy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I understand how a cursor is useful for the desktop, since you otherwise
> don't know where you're actually pointing. I'm having a hard time imagining
> the benefit of having one in the mobile interface. How is the mouse cursor
> useful to have on a phone or tablet? I'm not saying that it's NOT useful,
> I'm just trying to understand how it would be useful.


Petr Bláha

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