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Qt 5.0.2 for Ubuntu 13.04 copied to qt5-proper



I was encouraged to copy my Qt 5.0.2 for Ubuntu 13.04 to qt5-proper PPA
after testing it, so this has been done now :) With the last addition of
a newer qtsensors build, I had success on my Nexus 4 with
apt-add-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-beta-proper ; apt-get
update ; apt-get dist-upgrade ; reboot with both 116 and 118 releases today.

The new Qt includes latest fixes from upstream and latest patches from
various Ubuntu developers that weren't part of 5.0.2 yet (but will be in
upstream 5.1/5.2 as well). The respective people who have been waiting
for their patches to land in images by default should be happy, as well
as users waiting for those good fixes.

There's also a newer snapshot of qtpim and qtsensors, others will follow

The newer Qt mostly affects just image builds, Qt Creator and
development on the host continues as before, with Ubuntu UI Toolkit
updates coming steadily from the SDK PPA. 12.04 LTS and 12.10 users can
find not much tested Qt 5.0.2 build from qt5-beta-proper PPA for now,
but the 5.0.1 should continue work fine until 5.0.2 has seen more
testing on those Ubuntu versions.


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