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Re: Consistency among core apps


Hi Andrew,

very good point. I totally agree. Luckily we're doing better in other areas. 
For example the Calendar component is already a shared one and there are 
currently efforts ongoing for simple date and time pickers. So we are working 
towards it. 

This particular case is a little more tricky. While the clock app can read the 
local list of all timezones, the weather app needs to fetch a remote list 
which differs depending on which weather service provider you use. So not 
really sure right now if it would indeed make sense to share code.

100% agreement on sharing the design tho.


On Wednesday 04 September 2013 11:18:59 Andrew Starr-Bochicchio wrote:
> The past couple days, I've been making my first forays into the core
> apps projects and the QML world more generally. One thing I noticed
> was that there are some core apps that have pieces doing the same
> thing in different ways. I brought this up on IRC, and dpm suggested I
> bring it to the list.
> For example, the clock and weather apps both have location selection
> components. Please see the attached picture. On the left is the is the
> clock app and on the right is the weather app. Two different
> implementations, with two different visual styles, with two different
> behaviors. The clock searches while you type while the weather app
> does not.
> It seems like a lot of duplication of effort, and it leads to an
> inconsistent feel. Ideally, I guess, we should be building some
> reusable components, but if nothing else it would be good to share the
> code and design.
> Thanks,
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