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Coordinating landings for changes affecting Touch images


    Hi all!

Only four and a half weeks to go and phone 1.0 will be a reality!
Obviously we're all trying to finish or fix lots of things in the
remaining time, but that might include hard-to-track-down and painful

We've got quite a bit of a backlog of things to land right now.  This
email is to ask everyone's kind cooperation in helping us land
everything that is ready while maintaining high quality for the images.

To keep things streamlined and to offer a fair landing of everyone's
work we want to start coordinating all landings that affect Touch
images.  Alexander has created a tracking spreadsheet of upcoming
landings and requests for landings:

If you or your team have upcoming landings, would you please add a
request in the second sheet; any details about the landing are useful:

This also applies to bug fixes.  However early feedback was that it's
quite painful to get a landing slot for changes which were already
tested and peer-reviewed.  So for minor bug fixes, it's enough to ping
the CI/landing taskforce (didrocks, asac, ev, fginther) who will record
your request and give you a "GO!" after hearing your impact assessment
and coordinating with other landing stakeholders as needed.

Note that the intent is to apply this to any change that will end up in
the Ubuntu Touch images -- whether the changes are done through “daily
landing” or by direct uploads to the archive!

  Thanks for your help with this.
Loïc Minier

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