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Landing team 17.12.13


Hello everyone,

Time for yet another update from the Ubuntu Touch landing team.

We promoted another image \o/ Image #70 had a really nice pass-rate in
automated-testing and manual testing did not reveal any regressions - so
we thought that it might be good to promote it as well.
This image has the new libhybris upload, as well as many other packages
pulled in from the archive.

In the meantime, in the nearest hour we will kick a new build - image
#72. We still didn't do that because we're waiting for an autopilot-test
fix for ubuntu-weather-app, which will be ready any minute. This will
help us getting 100% green pass-rate on at least the mako devices - so I
guess it's worth waiting for!
Image #72 also has the long-awaited fix for the 12h/24h time bug in
indicator-datetime - finally! Let's hope the build gets started soon and
we'll have another great image to test in morning UTC.

Sadly, ubuntu-system-settings update didn't make it for those images -
we had some integration test problems. It might be out in the next one

For the next image, we are already preparing some other components for
release: unity8, gallery-app and the ubuntu-ui-toolkit. So a lot of goodies.

As for 'going green' issues - I guess let's wait for all the pilled-up
fixes to get in and prepare a list once we get new, good test results.
We got some feedback from people responsible about the progress on some
of the problems, some have fixes waiting for release.
We also got news about the bluetooth still not working on mako/maguro
and we'll be investigating it as soon as possible.

Let's keep up the good work everyone!

Thank you and see you tomorrow.

Best regards,

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak