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New Landing Plan format!


Hello all,

As was decided at the sprint in Oakland, the landing plan spreadsheet
is very deficient and should be replaced with standard, existing

So instead of complaining about the lack of progress in this area, I
decided to JFDI:


I did my best to copy the information from the existing landing plan
into new bugs here.

So from now on, the workflow should look like this:

When you want to request a new release of your project, you file a
bug[0] against landing-plan. Please include the name of the launchpad
project you want released, and a short blurb about why (what bug it
fixes, or what feature it implements).

Then, the landing team will review your request and then assign
somebody to build, test, and publish your release.

You can use launchpad advanced searches to approximate the old
"Landing Asks"[1] and "Landing Plan"[2] spreadsheets.

The landing team can then report our progress on the bugs, in a way
that creates a much more readable history, eg, no more random
spreadsheet cells that say "I am working on this" with no indication
of who "I" refers to.

I was careful not to delete any information from the spreadsheet in
case I made a mistake when I created so many new bugs, but from now on
please use landing-plan bugs instead of that awful spreadsheet.


[0] https://bugs.launchpad.net/landing-plan/+filebug
[1] http://goo.gl/ejmIZa
[2] http://goo.gl/7XcHjt

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