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Landing team 20.01.14



Multiples images were built over the week (from 134 to 137). However, we now have the confirmation it was good to hold on uploads last week to get back to a promotable images as in 2 uploads on Friday (uploads that we hold on on purpose), we didn't get 2 but 3 regressions! (Nice strike):

The content of those images were mostly the ones summed up on Friday image.

To sum up:
- #1: webapps container was separated in another package which was missing, so no webapps available - #2: nested Mir mode which was enabled created some stacking issues, some positioning (0x0) was overlapping the shell as well and some race resulting in missing env variables was making a lot of service crashing. - #3: Any webapp had a big grey empty title bar on top ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/1270848)

All were found (apart from the missing env variable) by manual testing as no AP tests are covering any of those.

We fixed #1 by seeding the missing package, and #2 by reverting the nested Mir mode in ubuntu-touch-session. We kicked image #138 which showed the 3rd regression (unable to see it first).

Olivier fixed #3 promptly and we are right now releasing the fix to the distribution, will kick a new image (#139). We hope that the test results will be comparable to the ones we got for #138, but that dogfooding (resetting the configuration) will show that there is any regression.

We are preparing more landing meanwhile, but don't publish them to not create any other issue.

As there is no improvement on "going green" since Friday, I'm skipping that part, let's get to a promotable image first.