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Nexus 4 devel-proposed r321: 3g internet works in Canada(Windmobile), mms doesn't(not implemented?), grooveshark no-music on screen-off, firefox landscape url-text bar bug.


Hi there,

I can confirm 3g internet WORKS with Windmobile in Canada.
Using some APN information found here:

Here is the tweak that made it work for me:
/usr/share/ofono/scripts/send-sms/create-mms-context mms.windmobile.ca
activate-context 0 succeeded but no internet yet.
activate-context 1 failed.(that's the mms context if I understood
I had to reboot from the shell.
Then the 3g worked.  I am certain it is the 3g that worked because I
disable wifi auto-join and disable wifi before I rebooted.

Unfortunately the mms doesn't work because it the error reported that it
doesn't seem implemented yet.

I tried out the send-sms and it worked :)
/usr/share/ofono/scripts/send-sms 6132187497 "Hello From My Ubuntu Touch
Phone ;)" 0
I discovered it was necessary to put the 0 at the end for delivery
reports bool was a required parm.

Hats off for all the stuff that's working!

bug report: the Grooveshark app stops playing music when the screensaver
powers off the screen.  I'm sure others have noticed.
bug report: when putting firefox in landscape mode, I want to go back to
the url text bar, by bottom-screen finger up.  The bug is that instead
of showing the url text bar, it shows the unity launcher bar still in
portrait orientation.

That's all for now.