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Landing team 25.03.14



Multiples images spawn today, some purposefully and some others as a side-effect of the archive beta freeze. We got some regressions, recovered, but still have promotions blockers, stay tuned!

- this one contains half of the new scopes infrastructure migration (if you flash that image, you won't get the needed unity8 and so, only experience empty scopes)
- new content-hub API, including changes to the client to use it
- sound player control on the phone greeter (but this one pulled click on the desktop, so had been reverted)
- some toolkit change for AP support  + notes-app header fix
- more bug fixes on the Qt declarative side
- some scope bug and races connection fixes
- gallery-app got a new click release
- new langpacks
- some continued work on the python 3.4 migration

- this one was kicked early this morning with unity8 compatible with the new scope architecture
- some theme adjustment inherited from desktop.

-> on those 2 images, dialer-app and messaging-app tests got respectively 4 and all tests failing. This has been discussed on this mailing list and Gustavo submitted two MRs (the issue was only in the lab as a SIM card is present on those devices, which wasn't the case for people testing locally it seems). Now, we are sure to use the ofono-phonesim mocks when running the AP tests. More reliable tests :)

no change (automatically trigger by a batch rebuild for beta freeze)

- contains the dialer-app and messaging-app AP tests fixes discussed above
- got the indicator-sound revert
- more them adjustments

-> the test results just finished and showed that both dialer-app and messaging-app are indeed fixed. Well done apps team \o/

useless build manually requested as we thought the previous request for #260 didn't process at all
- contains again new langpacks (with more awesome translations!)

On the automated test results, however, we get two new failures that we can't link to any landings and thus, should be flaky (once the testing on current images will be finished, we will rerun those).
Those are:
* notes-app:
* mediaplayer-app:

It would be nice if the QA team can have a look there. Jean-Baptiste?

On the promotion blocker list, here is where we currently stands at:
* gallery shows blank dates and photos (Bill)
-> Bill told that the apps team identified the issue and hope to have a fix today to solve it.

* Music/Calendar bug (Qt event look stopping when the device is suspend) (Saviq) Saviq is discussing with Qt upstream on the best way to achieve that. Seems that we'll have to workaround it on our own.

NEW (but need more confirmation):
* Unity8 crasher while navigating new scopes (expanding categories) (Saviq)
-> Seems upstream can't reproduce the crash. We'll see if it gets popular or not. Hard to get a real reproducer than "play with the scopes, expands/close category". Any steps to reproduce the crash reliably would be awesome.

* Crasher in mediaplayer-app when the video finishes followed by an unity8 crash (Bill/Saviq)
Dave is going to try to reproduce that in the last promoted image (and so, if blocker or not)

* Contact apps are not shown after showing up (Bill).
A silo is available with the fix and testing is under progress.


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