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autopilot dropping Python 2 support very soon!


As you may be aware, we are transitioning autopilot to Python 3 by default so
that we can remove Python 2 from the touch images.  The key to this is to
complete the port of the default install click app tests to Python 3, which
will allow us to drop Python 2 dependencies from the default autopilot
packages.  This blueprint tracks our progress:


We're down to just 3 more apps with merge proposals: gallery_app, camera_app,
and notes_app.  Once those are done, the autopilot team will be landing the
changes necessary to drop Python 2 dependencies.  Python 2 is not allowed for
any new test suites - use Python 3 and port your existing Python 2 tests now.
It is expected that Python 2 support will disappear in about a week.

Here are a few examples you can refer to as you port your tests.



You can ping myself (barry), Dimitri (xnox), or come chat with anyone on
#ubuntu-autopilot if you need some help or a review.


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