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ANN: changes to logging mechanisms and swap handling



today I landed some initial changes to our plumbing layer that will
affect logging of the system and where you have to look for stuff ...

a while ago we already changed the rsyslog setup to only centrally log
to /var/log/syslog, all other log files should be largely ignored (i.e.
no more separate kern.log with duplicated log lines) 

additionally to this change I uploaded a new logrotate configuration
(logrotate currently runs once a day triggered by cron or anacron) that
it will flush the /var/log/syslog file if it exceeds 10MB.

in case you are developing on some systemic bits and need more logging
or to make sure  the file does not get flushed please edit (or remove) 
/etc/logrotate.d/touch-syslog to your needs (needs a writable image

additionally to this, while we need to have a swap file/partition
available to make the kernel behave better in case of memory management,
we do not actually want to *use* that swap space ... recently ricardo
already landed a change that reduced the size of the swap file to 32M (i
would like to see us to actually go a lot lower, i.e. the minimum
allowed size since we just waste diskspace with that) 

to make sure the swap space does not get used I added a "vm.swappiness"
setting of 0 via the newly shipped /etc/sysctl.d/60-swappiness.conf

both these changes landed with the lxc-android-config packages 0.181 and
0.182 and should be active with the next image build (163 ?)



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