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Re: Preferred Settings API for Ubuntu apps


On 29.07.2014 20:44, Sam Bull wrote:
> On mar, 2014-07-29 at 18:26 +0200, Christian Dywan wrote:
>> Question to all reviewers
>> - Which API do you prefer given the examples and features for use in all
>> of your apps
>> - Please point out any benefits and drawbacks you see with either API
>> and reply to this thread
> Can I save an Object() with key/value pairs stored? As long as I can do
> that, then everything looks great with either method.
Only basic data types are supported. For an object you'd want to save
its values explicitly.

From my point of view once you start dealing with objects you'll want
U1db* and for instance save your object as a document.

Do you have a specific example?


*) Other database APIs are available.

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