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USB Tethering now available with image 181



yesterday I finally got around to land a proper network-manager config
(and a few watcher  upstart jobs to enable it at the right time) so that
USB (wired) tethering now works and you can use your Ubuntu Phone as
network gateway for your PC/laptop.

to enable USB tethering wire up your phone to the PC/laptop and issue
the following in a terminal:

adb shell android-gadget-service enable rndis

your network indicator should start spinning on the desktop and after a
moment of negotiation it should pick the USB interface as default

note that the android gadget driver setup we use currently only allows
either mtp (media storage) or rndis (networking) to be selected on most
devices, so the above will disable mtp automatically ...

switching off either happens by:

adb shell android-gadget-service disable rndis

or if you want to go back to mtp directly:

adb shell android-gadget-service enable mtp 

(the latter command will disable USB networking and enable mtp again ...
the former just disables networking without enabling mtp)

indeed all of the above works also without "adb shell" in the


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