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Re: Code for Google Online account?


It is where the code for the Google Online Account plug-in is
(qml/google in that tree). Unfortunately, it is rather simple though, as
it's just a plain OAuth2 account configuration. For ownCloud, you will
need to write a more complex plug-in, I think. But you will need an
Online Accounts plug-in.

The sync-monitor service is what sets up the accounts in Evolution on
the phone, but it does not provide the plug-ins to Evolution itself.
Those plug-ins come with evolution-data-server already. Fortunately, it
looks like Evolution already has an owncloud registry plug-in, and has
CalDAV for calendar, and WebDAV for contacts (though I am not sure if
that works for CardDAV, but I presume it should).

The most difficult part of getting owncloud set up on the phone and
working for calendar/contacts, is really going to be writing the Online
Accounts plug-in, as ownCloud isn't a centralized service that you can
just provide a couple of metadata files that point at the URLs for.

You'll at least need some way for the user to specify what server to
use. What is the authorization scheme for ownCloud? Basic auth? OAuth?
Something else?

On Sat, 2014-08-16 at 01:00 +0200, Daniel Holm wrote:
> Hi again, 
> I don't think this is it(?). This code seems a bit old and for the
> desktop. 
> I want the code how Google accounts are hooked up to Evolution data
> server for contact and calender sync on Ubuntu phone. 
> Cheers, 
> Daniel 
> Den 23 apr 2014 23:01 skrev "Rodney Dawes"
> <rodney.dawes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>         In lp:account-plugins
>         On Wed, 2014-04-23 at 22:52 +0200, Daniel Holm wrote:
>         > Hi all,
>         >
>         > I was thinking about a ownCloud online account and wanted to
>         take a
>         > look at the code for the Google online account plugin, but I
>         can't
>         > find it?
>         >
>         > Where is it?
>         >
>         > Thanks,
>         > Daniel
>         >

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