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Re: ownCloud app.


W dniu 15.08.2014 o 10:46, Michael Zanetti pisze:
Hmm ok... So it seems that in cases where you really just install a binary
(e.g. copying it to/usr/bin/) this is actually a viable option and won't
break on OTA updates? That's great to know. I was always worried that any
modification in rw mode would very likely cause future OTA upgrades to fail
and leave you with a broken system.

IIUC this only works for *delta* OTA upgrades. If you don't upgrade often enough or change channels, the whole image will be replaced and all changes lost.

The other point is that even with deltas there's a chance of breakage if you replace a file that won't get then replaced back by deltas and things go out of sync.

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