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ATTN: citrain scipt for installing silos working again



Some of you may have noticed that the citrain tool which can be used for
easy installation of silos, was not working on RTM images since the
beginning and more recently has not been working on Utopic due to the
rootless adb changes. The issues preventing it from working have been fixed
and the tool has been updated to accommodate those fixes. Everyone who is
installing silos for testing should be doing it with this tool so that we
have a single, maintained way for everybody to do this and we don't get
caught out by possible variations in the way people install and test silos.
In order to use the new version please update the phablet-tools-citrain and
phablet-tools packages. The usage has changed slightly to accommodate the
need to supply the device password, so call it like:

citrain device-upgrade <SILO #> <PASSWORD>

Thanks, and if there are any issues please reply or inform the
#ubuntu-ci-eng channel.