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Re: GPS problems on bq Aquaris


El día Friday, April 03, 2015 a las 08:45:06AM +0200, Roberto Resoli escribió:

> My only big issue is with the GPS; I'm never been able to aquire a
> stable fix, even leaving the phone outside for several hours. Location
> service seems only to use network based methods.
> Is there a way to track the problem, monitoring the status of GPS fix
> (number of satellites, etc.)? Even a simple text log would be sufficent.

There is an app called SensorsStatus which gives some of the GPS
information (not the numbers of sats); at least it would show you if you
get a fix; in general, the apps I found until now are more for consumer
minded people, then for tech folks :-)

but we have the terminal app and we have SSH, and sudo...

btw: what would be the best approach to compile own software in C or
Java for the BQ? Is there some BQ-Ubuntu developer guide?



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