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Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 released


Hello everyone,

We have just released a big Ubuntu Touch update to the stable channel
marked as OTA-4. The image numbers for selected devices are: krillin
#23, vegetahd #3, mako #20 and generic #15. It's a much bigger release
than the previous updates because it's the first official vivid-based
image in the stable channel.

Because of this it's also really hard to create a proper changelog for
all the changes introduced by this update. The whole system underneath
the images changed, so there's no common baseline for bugs as well.

 * Short human-readable changelog:
 * Bugs fixed by this release:

Because of the switch to vivid, this update has also two notable
First, because the baseline changed, the update weights over 400 MB so
it might take a while to download on slower internet access. The other
is, also related to the switch, the update process might take longer
than usual. On start apparmor profiles need to be regenerated which
means the first boot after the upgrade might take long depending on the
number of installed applications (even up to 30 minutes). Currently
there will be no visual indication of the profile regeneration, so
please be patient and wait until you see the UI appearing.

As with the previous release the update will be deployed in phases but
in the next ~24 hours the OTA should be available to all users. If you
get the update earlier and notice any critical issues, please be sure to
inform us as soon as possible so that we can halt the update before it
reaches to everyone. Highly unlikely, but we prefer to be absolutely safe.


Best regards,

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
 Foundations Team

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